Founded in 2010, Vectoz Services has been a leader in the field of vector conversion and design services. With a passion for turning raster images into high-quality vector graphics, we have worked with a wide range of clients to bring their visions to life.

Since our inception, we have been dedicated to providing top-notch graphic design services to a wide range of industries. With a focus on precision and creativity, we have established ourselves as a leading provider of raster to vector conversion, vector art design, vector logo design, and more.
graphic design services


  • Raster to Vector Conversion
  • Vector Art Design
  • Vector Line Drawing
  • Vector Logo Design
  • Vector Badge Conversion
  • Digitizing Embroidery
  • Product to Vector Drawing
  • T-Shirt Design
  • Ugly Photo Restoration
  • Photoshop Photo Editing

Who We Are

Our primary goal is to help businesses and individuals elevate their visual identity through high-quality vector graphics. We are committed to delivering exceptional results that exceed our clients’ expectations and contribute to their success in an increasingly competitive market.

Our Mission

Over the years, we have had the privilege of working with a diverse range of clients, including sign makers, screen printers, embroiderers, drawing artists, and more. Our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction has earned us a reputation for excellence in the industry.

graphic design services


VECTOZ GRAPHICS  is an Image Vectorizer Company from an offshore location in Chennai (INDIA) in the Artwork Recreation. Our Company owns a good perspective towards good feedback and a system of working nature, to maneuver in line with the customer credentials.

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